What it’s like to install an exhibit

The installation of Indigenous Contemporary is well underway and we have been hard at work to ensure everything is in place by the opening.  It is exciting to finally have an opportunity to directly apply what we have learned in our Curatorial Practicum course in the actual installation of the exhibit.  It is one thing to discuss the artwork and choose which works will be exhibited, but it is another entirely to unpack it yourself and see it firsthand.  As our professor John Zarobell remarked, “It’s like Christmas!”


Implementing the exhibition layout planned by the installation team has been a fascinating process.  As one might imagine, 20 people brainstorming and debating how to best display each artist’s work is both exciting and exhausting.  Curators must take account of many different factors when placing artwork including spacing, height, sequencing, and even how well separate artists’ works relate to each other.


It is especially satisfying to see the art properly hung on the wall and see the final, neatly organized result.  Anticipation is building for the opening date next week, and seeing our careful planning and hard work finally come to fruition on that day will be a prideful moment for our whole class.  It has been an honor working with these fantastic artists and giving their work the attention it deserves. We hope you will join us at the opening next week on November 18th!



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